Cat’s New Blog

Hi. I’m Cat.  And I’m married to an owner of a home service repair company.  You can also call me Mrs. Quik.  Now that I’ve admitted this fact, let me go one step further and admit that I rarely know how to fix things in my own home or any technical terms when speaking of electrical, plumbing, or heating/cooling topics. My husband may be able to tell you all the technical terms, but that means little to me.  In the upcoming blogs I’m going to try to explain things in terms that I hope everyone will be able to understand and learn something from (or maybe even be entertained!).  However, I will also do my best in these new blog posts to not use words like “thing-a-ma-bob” so we can learn some better technical terms together. Feel free to contact me with any questions or topics in home maintenance you’d like me to cover.

In my next blog we’ll talk about indoor air quality and how you can improve yours through your home’s heating and cooling system.