3 Ways to Sneeze Less in Your Home This Allergy Season

1. Keep your windows closed. I know a lot of us love to have that spring breeze come through when the weather starts warming up, but there are a lot of other things coming into your home with that breeze. Pollen, dust and dirt particles are all joining in on that nice breeze which leads […]

Top 4 Reasons An AC Tune up is Essential

If you are not having your central air conditioning system serviced annually, here are some important reasons for why you can’t afford not to A tuned-up system is a system that runs more efficiently. Regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system can increase the efficiency of your system and can have a large effect […]


Energy Efficiency Details

WHAT IS ENERGY EFFICIENCY? Energy efficiency is “using less energy to provide the same service”. 1 HOW DOES BEING MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT BENEFIT ME? An example is when you replace an appliance, such as a heating & cooling system or water heater, with a more energy-efficient model. The new equipment provides the same service, but […]

The #1 Secret to Reducing Expensive Maintenance

If you had a dollar for every time you’ve heard us say, “Remember to change your filter!” you would be a millionaire by now, right? But do you know WHY we stress changing the filter so much? Here are just a few reasons: Improve the system’s efficiency, therefore reducing utility bills Prevent early equipment failure […]

Why Should I Get An AC Tune-Up?

If you want to stay relaxed and cool in your home this summer without worrying about your energy bills going through the roof, keeping your air conditioning unit tuned up is a good place to start. A checkup for your home’s A/C system can extend its life by several years, as well as save you […]

Is Your Sump Pump Ready for The Rain? Sump Pump Indianapolis Repairs

If you have a basement in Central Indiana, then you’re probably familiar with sump pumps. You’re at least familiar with the fact that you need something to help with the inevitable flooding that hits Indiana throughout the year. Your sump pump works to keep water out of the basement or crawl space, saving potentially thousands […]

How to get rid of Hard Water

If you live in Central Indiana, you know you have hard water. In fact, according to the Water Quality Association, Indiana is considered to have “extremely hard” water, with the highest rating on the charts in the U.S. – more than 14gpg or grams per gallon of water. When it comes to treating the hardness […]

Whole-Home Humidifier vs. Portable Humidifier – Which is Better?

Did you know that low humidity can have a negative effect on your home and comfort? Here are just a few ways that you and your home can be affected: Increase your likelihood of catching a cold or the flu Cause walls or woodwork to crack Increase energy costs Cause bloody noses, dry mouth, itchy […]