One of the most disruptive problems that can happen in a home is with the plumbing. Having a disruption to the running water in your house causes more nightmares than you might be able to imagine. Picture the stress you would feel coming home to a flooded bathroom. Your home is supposed to be your haven and, at Mister Quik in Camby, we understand that.

The usual plumbing problems are hard enough to deal with, but when a sewer line is involved, the urgency to find a resolution is much higher. Not only is your home not going to smell like a bed of roses, but it can also actually cause harm to your health if harmful contaminants are leaking into your home or yard.

Fear not. Mister Quik has an expertly trained and professional team that is on hand to resolve the problem for you. We like to think we know a thing or two about sewer lines and the stress problems can cause when the pipes create a plumbing issue. This is not a problem to solve using a DIY approach, so don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Mister Quik in Camby for some expert advice.

Why Are Sewer Lines Important?

There once was a time when sewer lines didn’t exist, and instead, the streets were flooded with everyone’s business. It’s not a pretty picture, so you can imagine the complications created if something does go wrong with your sewer line. Sewer lines are a series of pipes that run from your home plumbing system to the city sewer drains.

You won’t see these sewer lines because they are located under your home and in the yard. They aren’t necessarily big and bulky like you would imagine, but they do connect with other pipes in the street, farther down the system, to form one single pipe transporting waste matter.

Don’t be fooled, it’s not just the waste from your toilet that’s carried through these pipes. Kitchen water and any other fluids leaving your home enter into this system and eventually end up in the city sewers. This creates even more of an impact when something does go wrong with the sewer line.

Tell-Tale Signs You Might Need A Sewer Line Replacement

Since the sewer lines are connected to your home’s plumbing system, it’s pretty easy to tell when something isn’t right. If something is wrong you may notice that waste matter is flowing back into your home, and that’s not a pretty sight at all. The sewer system the lines are connected to is not so far away at all.

As we mentioned before, the sewer lines aren’t that wide, only around 6 inches at the maximum in diameter. This means that many home sewer lines are actually prone to clogging, especially homes with more occupants. The more that’s being flushed down, the more chance of a clogging situation occurring. Luckily, these are the easiest issues to resolve. Our experts at Mister Quik in Camby will be on the scene in no time.

However, if the sewer line becomes blocked so much so that it can’t be fixed, or if it cracks, the most efficient solution is the complete replacement of your sewer line. These are a few warning signs that might indicate you need a sewer line replacement:

Any of these would require a call to our experts at Mister Quik. Although the plants in your yard might love the waste matter as it’s a great fertilizer, your home and nose definitely won’t appreciate it. A normal sewer line should hold all of the matter and the terrible smells, so if you’re noticing the water backflow of contaminated water, it’s time to book a visit.

What Can We Do To Solve The Problem?

At Mister Quik, we pride ourselves on delivering the most professional and efficient service possible. We won’t dig up your garden unnecessarily, but instead, we work efficiently to diagnose and resolve the issue. Our scope testing equipment means we’re as minimally invasive as possible.

Once we know what the crack is (pardon the pun), our experts at Mister Quik in Plainfield will discuss the plan with you and the best way forward for you.

We have trained sewer line professionals that can handle minor clogs, major blockages, and complete replacements of your sewer line system. All you have to do is give us a call at Mister Quik today to see if we can help you.