Many people never give a thought to their home’s drains until a problem arises. Drains carry wastewater from sinks, bathtubs, showers, garbage disposals, and toilets from the home to the sewer lines. What many people do not realize is that drains require regular maintenance to stay clear and problem-free.

The Eighteen Month Drain Cleaning Rule

Those who are uneducated about the care and maintenance of their drains may not know how often they need to be professionally cleaned. A good rule of thumb is for the drains in a home to be cleaned by a professional at least every eighteen months. Why is it important to have the drains cleaned regularly?

A drain can become clogged without the homeowner being aware that there is an issue. When a clog starts, it grows and grows and will eventually block the drain completely. If the drain is professionally cleaned on a regular schedule, the plumbing technician will clear the lines of any minor clogs and pipe build-up, preventing a larger problem from appearing later on.

While the technician is inspecting and cleaning the drains, they can also look at the sewer lines. What do sewer lines do? Sewer lines are responsible for carrying wastewater from homes to the sewer.

Skip the Store-Bought Drain Cleaner

Many homeowners think they can save a few dollars by purchasing store-bought drain cleaners. These over-the-counter pipe cleaning products are the last thing that people want to put down their drains. These products are made with harsh chemicals that are horrible for both the environment and the home’s pipes.

These products are notorious for damaging pipes and drains and costing the customer big bucks in repair costs. Homeowners should skip the store-bought drain cleaners and, instead, hire Mister Quik to clean their drains in Camby, IN. The plumbing job will get done right and will not damage the home’s drains.

Common Items that Cause Clogs

Many people seem baffled as to why their pipes have clogged. Mister Quik’s technicians have seen it all and can go over the most common causes of clogged drains. The following items are common culprits behind clogged drains:

Many people grew up in a household that put grease down the drain. Today, people know this is a big no-no. The same goes for sanitary items, paper products, and food. Do not put any of the above items down the drain, in the garbage disposal, or in the toilet. If an accident happens, give Mister Quik a call, and we will get you flushing again in no time.

Mister Quik’s Approach to Camby, IN Drain Cleaning

Mister Quik takes a comprehensive approach to drain cleaning and clog removal. Step one involves a thorough inspection of the problem. Once the problem is diagnosed, the technician will go over the problem with the homeowner. Mister Quik’s technicians are trained to offer accurate and honest quotes so there are no surprises later when it’s time to pay the bill.

When the customer approves the repair plan, the technician will clear the clogged drains through traditional snaking techniques. If the clog is severe, hydro jetting may be used. Hydro jetting is a process that breaks up severe clogs and clears away any built-up debris on the pipe and drain walls.

Our company is famous for our attention to the tiny details. We never cut corners and offer effective and thorough drain cleaning services. Our technicians have the tools needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The technician may make recommendations for follow-up services if the clogs have caused structural issues or additional property damage.

Mister Quik Inspects Camby Sewer Lines

When the technician inspects the pipes, they may realize that the issue’s root is in the sewer lines. Sewer lines are designed to carry wastewater from homes to the city sewers. These lines can crack, leak, clog, or even sink. An issue with the sewer lines can cause issues with a homeowner’s plumbing.

Not to worry, though, as Mister Quik can inspect and repair sewer lines. The technicians have state-of-the-art plumbing equipment to get the job done. Mister Quik technicians even have cameras that can go into the drains and visually see plumbing problems. With Mister Quik, no clogs will be left behind!

Call Us For Drain Clean Services in Camby, IN

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