There is no feeling quite like turning on the heating unit for the first time on a crisp fall morning after a long hot summer. The system has been dormant for many months, and there is no mistaking the smell of collected dust on the heating element.

There is no question that the cold weather is here to stay, so it is time to ensure the heating unit is functioning properly. The smell the unit produces is a reminder the HVAC plays host to dust and other pollutants. If this is the case in your home, an ultraviolet light installation may be the right choice.

Benefits of HVAC UV Light

HVAC UV lighting has many benefits, including promoting health, energy efficiency, and improved air quality. These benefits will be discussed in greater detail below.

History and Facts of UV Lights

A physician won a Noble Prize in 1903 for using UV light in the treatment of skin disorders and infections. Many industries, including hospitals and office buildings, use this lighting for disinfectant purposes. The light has a proven record of eradicating things such as the Norwalk virus and E. coli bacteria.

By using HVAC UV lighting in your Camby home, it will work to sterilize the air in your home of eliminating harmful pollutants. These light systems are completely safe. Even though some forms of UV lighting are considered harmful to humans, like the sun’s UV rays, this type of system is harmless. This type harnesses the power of electromagnetic radiation and uses it to kill bad organisms while cleaning the air.

HVAC UV Light Installation

The installation process of an HVAC UV Light is an easy process for a professional. The most crucial step in the installation process is determining where the light should be placed. The evaporator coil of the AC system is known to produce the most pollutants, so it must receive the light bulk. If the unit is older and the mold growth can already be seen, then placing the light directly on it is the most beneficial.

For new units, a professional can determine the optimal placement. If the light is not placed correctly, it will not be effective at killing harmful microbes. The technicians at Mister Quik can provide professional consultation and fast installation of the lights in your home’s system. Once the UV light has been installed, it will immediately begin working so that the residents can breathe easier. UV lights have been used in improving air quality for many years.

Our well-trained technicians are experts in installing, repairing, and maintaining HVAC systems as well as providing air quality assessments. We are the team you can trust for your heating, cooling, and air purification needs. Contact us today, and we can provide you with a variety of options to choose from, all designed to ensure we meet all of your needs. Of course, we also offer competitive pricing.

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