You enjoy peace of mind when the HVAC is performing optimally. A well-maintained system improves environmental sustainability by reducing energy costs. There is one area you cannot neglect if you’re trying to enhance energy efficiency at home: duct sealing.

Luckily, the experts at Mister Quik Home Services are here to ensure that no energy, in the form of warm or cool air, is lost through leaks by offering the best duct sealing in Camby. They’re qualified in ductwork so they can spot and rectify any issue. Our joy is to see you satisfied living in a comfortable home.

All About Duct Sealing

Ductwork is the system that distributes air throughout a house from the heating and cooling mechanism. It sucks surrounding air into the air conditioner to cool it or a furnace to heat it. Then, the conditioned airflow is directed to the ducts and different areas of your home.

The intake and pumping of air are fundamental steps to attaining good indoor air quality. If the return vents are not designed properly, they disrupt HVAC equilibrium and air pressure, compromising a home’s climate control. Note that the air flowing through ductwork loses some energy, but most of it is retained until reaching the vents.

Leaks in the system can cause a massive loss of heated and cooled air before it reaches the destination. This forces the air conditioner and the furnace to work harder than normal to reach the desired comfort level. That is why sometimes you find some areas being cooler than expected while others extra-warm, creating two zones.

Meanwhile, air pumping into some rooms fails to flow back to the return vent. As air accumulates in one space, the pressure continues to build up and escapes through windows. Again, the HVAC has to work even harder to fulfill the demand for cold or hot air resulting from the loss.

As you can see, leaks in the ductwork directly affect the amount of money spent on energy bills every month. Imagine 50% of the conditioned air being lost before your household enjoys it. Not to mention, it leaks to other areas like the crawlspace and the attic. It would help to have these duct issues fixed before they escalate by liaising with duct sealing contractors in Camby.

Duct sealing and upgrades ensure that potential leaks in the ductwork are a thing of the past. Consequently, conditioned air flows where it is needed the most without overworking the heating and cooling mechanism. It can be tempting to locate and seal leaks using duct tape yourself, but the chance of making an inaccurate diagnosis is very high. The problem with duct tape is that it fails shortly afterward.

How Professionals Do It

A while ago, people were using duct mastic to seal leaking air vents. This is a thick, adhesive material that sticks to a slot and hardens after drying. But today, professionals at Mister Quik use a more effective product known as Aeroseal to seal leaking ducts.

Before they embark on the sealing task, they have to clean the ductwork. Then, they perform a diagnosis to locate all the leaks in the system. After confirming the presence of leaks, they have to put blocks in the furnace, AC coils, and fan to prevent Aeroseal from creeping into these parts. Aeroseal comes in liquid form, so the airflow helps to disperse it throughout the ductwork. If it comes across a crevice, it settles there to form a permanent seal.

The duct sealing process happens in a few hours, and only minimal cleaning is needed later. You should notice a significant difference in indoor air quality immediately after the fix. Then, you can rest easy knowing that utility bills will be reduced. There are many reasons to consider duct sealing in Camby. The advantages are as follows.

Keeping Home Repair Expenses at Minimum

One of the obvious benefits of duct sealing is minimizing energy costs, but there is also the added advantage of keeping repairs to a minimum and avoiding early replacement of the furnace and AC. The cooling and heating systems don’t have to work harder than necessary if no air is lost through vents.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Leaking vents act as entryways for pollen, dust, pet dander, and mold spores into the living room. Normally, pollutants pass through the air filter, where they are eliminated. But a malfunctioning duct system lets them in, and they end up accumulating on duct walls because of low air pressure. Say goodbye to these problems by calling a duct sealing pro.

Improved Comfort

If you are looking to control the indoor temperatures, be sure to have the ducts sealed professionally. That way, the house won’t lose much heated or cooled air into the ceilings and walls. This is exactly what is needed to keep humidity at desirable levels.

Schedule Maintenance With HVAC Pros

You can rely on Mister Quik Home Services for all HVAC problems in Camby, Indiana. On our online contact form, let us know the issue at hand. Alternatively, call us directly, and our technician will come to your home to seal those leaky vents.