Homeowners consider an AC system replacement when their existing unit is 15 years old and showing significant signs of wear. Component failures are a sign that the product needs servicing, but if the system needs five or more repairs within one season, it is no longer viable.

HVAC professionals can provide recommendations for new units and give homeowners a complete estimate for the services. They show the homeowner new systems that are energy efficient and provide sophisticated features that make life easier. When choosing a new system, homeowners must find the right product to keep their home cool all summer long.

Incorrect Size for the Home

If the unit is not the correct size for the property, it will not provide cool air as expected. When calculating the size of the AC unit, the technicians find the area of each living space and multiply it by 25 BTUs. They complete the step for all living space and add up the required BTUs for the entire property. This shows them what AC system size meets the needs of the property.

If the unit is too small, it will not provide enough air for the entire property. If the unit is too large, it is just generating unnecessarily high costs for the property owner. A certified and licensed HVAC provider will provide the correct details for the property owner and avoid unit size irregularities that could cost the property owner more later on.

The Ductwork is Too Small

Improper ductwork sizes could prevent the cooled air from flowing through the property as expected. If the ductwork is not large enough, the air will not flow through the property, and if it is too large, the air will flow under the property and won’t cool the home effectively.

Blockages in the ductwork can also affect airflow, and technicians will assess these areas when diagnosing problems. If the AC system needs to be replaced, the HVAC technicians review the ductwork and determine if it should be replaced with a new system.

Complete Components Failures

Component failures could require simple replacements or repairs. However, if the AC system has to be repaired constantly, it more than likely should be replaced. The HVAC professionals inspect all major components when completing routine maintenance. They test the components to ensure proper functionality and operations. If multiple components have failed, the technicians complete an estimate to show the homeowner the full cost of replacing the components. If the component repairs are almost the same price as a new unit, it is not feasible to complete the repairs, and the homeowner could save money by purchasing a new AC system instead.

The System Is Too Old

Older systems will not perform as expected, and if the AC system is at least 15 years old, it is probably outlived its usefulness. This doesn’t mean that all AC systems are no good after 15 years. It is just a general rule of thumb since most systems show significant signs of wear and tear after 15 years.

The projected lifespan for AC units is up to 20 years depending on the specific model. When considering a replacement, the age of the system is a major contender, and the property owner will want to get a new unit that has an existing warranty in case something goes wrong later.

Too Many Recent Repairs

If the property owner has scheduled five or more major repairs for their AC system during the previous summer, it is a sure bet that the AC system is failing and must be replaced. When calculating the total expense of trying to repair an older unit, the property owner could save more money by choosing a new installation over the repairs. HVAC professionals offer details about new units to give the homeowner an estimate of the total cost of the new installation.

Where to Get Replacement Services

Mister Quik Home Services provides complete installation and services for all air conditioning systems. They offer routine maintenance, repairs, and inspections for the units and complete seasonal tasks to maintain the systems properly. Property owners can learn more about AC Replacement in Camby, Indiana by contacting the service provider now for an appointment.

Property owners must hire an HVAC professional to maintain their AC systems and determine when the systems are no longer viable. AC systems that have been repaired numerous times during a season are showing signs of significant wear and tear, and it is time to get a new system. Property owners can learn more about the services by contacting their preferred service provider now.