Many homeowners feel like every time they blink there is something new malfunctioning in their home. One day it’s the air conditioner, the next it’s the heater. On Wednesday, it is clogged plumbing, and by Friday, the sewer lines show signs of a problem.

For those feeling overwhelmed by having to keep up with home repairs, Mister Quik is just a phone call away. Mister Quik Home Services has a team of expertly trained technicians that can repair heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, as well as plumbing systems and sewer lines. Our team even offers dryer vent, air system duct, and pipe cleanings.

Our team understands the challenges homeowners face with keeping everything in the home running smoothly. This is why our family-owned company provides a huge variety of home repair services to those in and around Camby. Our fast and friendly technicians are only a call away.

HVAC Services

If the air conditioner does not seem to be keeping up with Camby’s summer heat, Mister Quik can help. Our company offers a huge selection of air conditioning services that will help keep you keep the home cool throughout the hot summer months. Those whose air conditioner is not acting right should call in our team for a complete and thorough system inspection.

The technician will diagnose the air conditioning system problem and go over the repair plan. We give customers peace of mind by offering five-year warranties on certain appliance repairs when a customer signs up for the Mister Quik SHAPE maintenance plan. This plan covers both parts and the repair work for the appliance or system.

What if the air conditioner is beyond repair? If it would cost more to repair the air conditioner than buy a new one, the technician will let the customer know. Mister Quik offers top-of-the-line brands that will work wonders throughout Camby’s hot summers.

What about the old air conditioner unit? No worries, as Mister Quik will recycle the old air conditioner. The old unit will be held for a few days, and then Mister Quik will recycle it.

Keep in mind that every HVAC system needs regular maintenance and care. This can keep the unit running smoothly and add years to the life of the system. A clean unit runs better, uses less electricity, and should last longer than a unit that does not have regular maintenance and care.

Mister Quik’s Furnace Services

Just as an air conditioner can stop working, a furnace can do the same. Don’t let that old furnace run amuck and cause the family grief. Give Mister Quik a call today and let our technicians work their magic on your furnace.

A furnace requires regular tune-ups to keep the unit running in tip-top shape. A furnace that is not working properly can be a hazard and can run up the gas or electric bill. Give Mister Quik a call, and our technicians will service the unit and get it nice and toasty in the home.

Mister Quik takes the furnace’s health seriously. The technicians will perform a 20-point tune-up at the appointment and ensure that all potential trouble spots are covered. Our technicians will not rest until the furnace is running as it should.

Cleaner Indoor Air Is a Phone Call Away

With people spending so much time in their homes, the indoor air quality must be top-notch. Mister Quik Home Services offers air quality checks and a plan of action to get dirty indoor air cleaned.

How do the technicians clean the air? Our team is trained in several ways to clean the air, including whole-house humidifiers and the installation of UV lights in HVAC systems. This can eliminate built-up mold, pollen, dirt, dust, debris, and bacteria floating around in the home’s air. Mister Quik also offers duct cleaning services.

Electrical Problems Solved

Have an electrical problem in the home? Not to worry, as Mister Quik can help with that too! Mister Quik can service electrical panels, breakers, generators, and more. Camby storms are famous for wreaking havoc on electrical services. Mister Quik’s technicians have the experience to diagnose the problem and get things working again.

Mister Quik Tackles Plumbing Issues

Have a toilet that does not flush or a drain that won’t drain? Mister Quik can work magic on the plumbing systems and get the water moving again. Mister Quik helps with clogged drains, malfunctioning water heaters, sewer lines, sump pumps, and more.

Call Mister Quik for All Your Home Repair Needs

Ready to get the home running smoothly again? Give Mister Quik a call! We can help with all your HVAC and plumbing needs and more!