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Air handler near me

Living in Bloomington, a reliable air conditioning system is crucial for year-round comfort. But what about the hidden hero behind the scenes? That’s your air handler, silently circulating cool air throughout your home. So, when it comes to air handlers near you, finding the right one is important.

What is an Air Handler?

Think of it as the lungs of your AC system. It houses the evaporator coil, responsible for cooling the air, and the fan that pushes that cool air into your rooms. While not directly responsible for cooling, a malfunctioning air handler can leave your entire system struggling.

Finding the Right Bloomington Air Handler:

  • Local Expertise: Opt for companies familiar with Bloomington’s specific climate and needs. They can recommend the right air handler size and type to ensure optimal airflow and efficiency for your home. Mister Quik Home Services, for example, has years of experience serving Bloomington, making them experts in local needs.
  • Licensed and Certified Technicians: Ensure the company employs licensed and certified technicians for air handler installation and service. This guarantees proper handling and adherence to safety standards.
  • Range of Options: Different homes and needs require different air handlers. Look for companies with a variety of brands, sizes, and capacities to find the perfect fit for your Bloomington home.

Don’t let airflow issues disrupt your comfort! Contact Mister Quik Home Services today for a free consultation and let our experts guide you towards the perfect Bloomington air handler solution for your home. Remember, a well-maintained air handler contributes to a healthy and comfortable living environment.

Residential air handler near me

Facing trouble with your home’s air handler in Bloomington? While “residential air handler near me” might be your current search, you might be wondering: are there different types, and does mine need something specific? Relax! Here’s a quick guide:

Most homes in Bloomington utilize central air conditioning systems. These systems typically have two main components: an air handler and an outdoor condenser unit.

Gas Icon
The air handler

Think of it as the indoor control center. It houses the evaporator coil, which cools the air, and the fan, which circulates it throughout your home.

Broken Icon
The condenser unit

Located outside, it releases the extracted heat from your home into the air.

Troubles Icon
Malfunctioning fan

If your air isn't circulating properly, the fan in your air handler might need attention.

Air Icon
Clogged evaporator coil

Dust buildup can hinder cooling efficiency. Regular cleaning or professional maintenance is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Signs that your air handler may need repair or replacement include unusual noises, inconsistent airflow, reduced cooling or heating performance, and increased energy bills. A professional inspection can help determine the best course of action.

Regular maintenance tasks for an air handler include cleaning or replacing air filters, inspecting and cleaning coils, lubricating moving parts, checking electrical connections, and ensuring proper drainage to prevent mold or moisture buildup.

Yes, an air handler can contribute to improved indoor air quality by circulating and filtering air throughout your home, removing dust, allergens, and other particles. Adding high-efficiency filters or UV light systems can further enhance air quality.

To maximize the lifespan of your air handler, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance, promptly address any issues or repairs, ensure proper airflow and ventilation, and avoid overworking the system by setting appropriate temperature settings.

When choosing an air handler, consider factors such as the size and layout of your home, your heating and cooling needs, energy efficiency ratings, noise levels, and any additional features or accessories that may enhance comfort and performance.

Air handler repair near me

Local Plumbers in Bloomington

Is your Bloomington home feeling stuffy and uncomfortable? An air handler malfunction could be the culprit. But don’t fret! Finding air handler repair near you doesn’t have to be a mystery. Here’s a breakdown to ease your worries:

What is an Air Handler?

Think of your air handler as the “heart” of your air conditioning system. It circulates cool air throughout your home, ensuring consistent comfort. So, when it malfunctions, things get uncomfortable fast!

Signs Your Air Handler Needs Repair:

  • Uneven cooling throughout your home
  • Unusually high energy bills
  • Strange noises coming from the unit
  • Weak or no airflow
  • Visible water leaks

Finding Trusted Repair in Bloomington:

1. Local Expertise

Choose companies familiar with Bloomington’s specific climate and air handler needs. They’ll understand the challenges your system faces and recommend the best repair solutions.

2. Licensed and Certified Technicians

Ensure the company employs licensed and certified technicians with experience repairing Bloomington air handlers. This guarantees proper diagnosis and repairs, preventing future issues.

3. Transparent Communication

Opt for companies that clearly explain the problem, offer repair options with upfront pricing, and answer your questions patiently. Avoid hidden fees and unclear explanations.

4. Positive Reviews

Research online reviews and testimonials to gauge customer satisfaction with the company’s repair services, professionalism, and communication.

Types of air handling units

Living in Bloomington, you know the importance of a reliable HVAC system. But with “air handling unit” (AHU) options aplenty, picking the right one can feel like a confusing game. Fear not! This guide will break down the main types, empowering you to choose the star player for your comfort needs.

Single-package vs. Split-system:

Think of these as the “all-in-one” and “separate team” players.

Electricity Icon

Like a one-man show, this unit houses everything (compressor, coils, fan) outside your home. Great for smaller spaces or tight budgets.

Water Icon

Imagine a dynamic duo! These have separate indoor and outdoor units, offering more flexibility for bigger homes or specific cooling needs.

Gas Icon
Constant air volume (CAV)

Like a steady stream, this method maintains a fixed airflow regardless of cooling needs. Simple and affordable, but might not save as much energy.

Air handlers heating and cooling

Living in Bloomington means battling both scorching summers and chilly winters. But how does your home stay comfortable year-round? The secret lies in the unsung hero of your HVAC system: the Bloomington air handler. Let’s peek inside and understand its magic:

Think of your air handler as a conductor, orchestrating the flow of conditioned air throughout your home.

1. Heating

  1. The furnace: Think of it as a powerful heater, generating warm air.
  2. The evaporator coil: This acts like a heat exchanger, absorbing heat from the warm air.
  3. The blower fan: This loyal assistant pushes the now-cooled air through ducts and vents, warming your home.

2. Cooling

  1. The air conditioner: This clever machine extracts heat from the indoor air.
  2. The evaporator coil: This time, it acts like a sponge, absorbing the extracted heat.
  3. The refrigerant: A special liquid carries the heat away from the coil.
  4. The condenser coil: Located outside, it releases the heat to the outdoor air.
  5. The blower fan: Just like before, it circulates the now-cooled air, keeping you comfortable.

Air handler cost

Replacing your air handler can feel like a financial whirlwind, especially in Bloomington’s unpredictable climate. But fear not! With some knowledge, you can navigate the cost landscape and avoid getting “tricked.” Here’s what you need to know:

What Affects Bloomington Air Handler Costs?

Size and capacity

Larger units cool bigger spaces but cost more. Choose one that fits your home's needs without overspending.


Basic models are cheaper, while features like variable-speed motors or humidifiers add to the cost. Consider your priorities and budget.

Brand and model

Reputable brands might cost more, but offer better quality and warranties. Research and compare options before committing.


Labor costs can vary depending on complexity and technician experience. Get quotes from multiple qualified contractors in Bloomington.

Permits and inspections

Depending on local regulations, permits and inspections might add to the total cost. Factor these into your budget.

Don’t let air handler costs blow your budget! With the right knowledge and research, you can make an informed decision and enjoy comfortable temperatures without breaking the bank.

Troubleshooting Checklist:
Check Power Supply:
  • Ensure the air handler is receiving power.
  • Check the circuit breaker and reset if necessary.
Inspect Air Filters:
  • Dirty filters can restrict airflow and reduce efficiency.
  • Replace or clean filters if they are dirty.
Examine Thermostat Settings :
  • Ensure the thermostat is set to the correct temperature.
  • Check the mode (heating, cooling, or auto) and adjust if needed.
Inspect Fan and Blower :
  • Check for any obstructions or debris blocking the fan.
  • Ensure the fan blades are clean and not damaged.
Check for Refrigerant Leaks:
  • Look for signs of oil or refrigerant leaks around the unit.
  • If leaks are suspected, contact a professional for repair.

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