Back in the old days, families would have to manually heat water to take a bath or do laundry. Due to the effort involved, people didn’t get to take a bath very often, and they typically were not very clean. Nowadays, people living in Beech Grove can take a steaming hot bath anytime they choose, just by turning on the hot water faucet.

The invention that has brought almost instant hot water to homes in Beech Grove, IN, is the water heater. Families use a water heater daily to take hot baths, take showers, wash dishes, and clean the laundry. How does this magic divide work, and what should one do if theirs stops working? Read on to find out!

Hot Water Heaters are Not One Size Fits All

Many people assume that all water heaters are the same. This is not true. Water heaters come in many different types and sizes.

The Traditional Storage Water Heater

Many people are familiar with the traditional storage water heater. This big round tank can store anywhere from thirty to eighty gallons of water at a time. The water heater heats the same water over and over until the eater has been used. At that time, it fills itself up and starts heating again.

This type of water heater is large and bulky and often found in older homes. While popular, this type of water heater has some negatives. One big negative is that it is not energy efficient, as it is heating the same water over and over just in case someone wants to use hot water. Another negative is once all the water is used, it can take a while for the new water to get hot.

New Tankless Water Heaters

Many homeowners are tossing out their old storage tank water heaters and upgrading to new tankless versions. This type of water heater is very energy efficient, as it does not store and heat the same water repeatedly. Instead, water is heated almost instantaneously anytime the hot water faucet is turned on.

In Beech Grove, IN, many homeowners flock to this type of water heater because it uses natural gas as the energy source. Many homes in and around Beech Grove, IN, use gas as a power supply, so that is a convenient option that does not run up the electric bill. Mister Quik is an expert at installing this type of water heater.

Cold Weather Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters

An option for areas that are cooler most of the year is electric heat pump water heaters. These are not for areas that stay warm throughout the year. This type of water heater transfers heat from around the device and uses it to make hot water. This typically isn’t a good option for those living in Beech Grove, IN.

The Best Hot Water Heater

Which water heater is the best for those living in Beech Grove, IN? The answer will depend on a person’s budget and needs. Mister Quik’s trained technicians can help guide a homeowner into choosing the right type of water heater for their home, family, budget, and needs. Speaking with one of our trained technicians can keep a family from purchasing the wrong model and regretting it every time they run out of hot water.

Mister Quik Offers Water Heater Installation in Beech Grove, IN

Mister Quik is a family-owned business that has spent over twenty years servicing those in and around Beech Grove, IN. Our friendly technicians are knowledgeable in installing all types of water heaters. We can guide a family to choose the right model for them and go over the warranty coverage included with their new water heater.

Ready for hot water? Give us a call today for a free estimate! We offer fast, honest, and dependable service to homeowners and businesses in and around Beech Grove, IN.