Most people never think about their pipes and plumbing until there is a problem. Plumbing issues can range from minor faucet drips to full-blown emergencies. Thankfully Mister Quik has a team of trained technicians ready to handle any plumbing problem, from minor inconveniences to extreme emergencies.

For those needing plumbing services in Beech Grove, Mister Quik Home Services is just a phone call away. Mister Quik services not only Beech Grove, IN, but also the surrounding communities. Our experienced team will show up on time and offer fast, friendly, and affordable plumbing service.

What plumbing problem does Mister Quik see most often? While the team is trained to handle any plumbing problem, the following are the most common issues that we get called for. We will also go over what it takes to get the repair job done.

Detection and Repair of Slab Leaks in Beech Glove

Under a home’s foundation, the water lines, which are typically made of copper, can start leaking. This is referred to as a slab leak. Slab leaks can be tricky to repair, but Mister Quik’s technicians have the experience to make the repairs.

What are the signs that a slab leak may be happening? There may be a raised, dome-like area on the floor. A homeowner may notice that their water bills have increased. There may be interior and exterior cracks in the walls from the foundation heaving and adjusting to the leak.

If a homeowner notices these signs, it is important to call in a professional right away. Mister Quik Home Services‘ certified plumbers will assess the damage. They will then determine if a slab leak repair is needed. Homeowners can rest easy knowing that slab leak repairs completed by the Mister Quik team come with a five-year warranty.

Plumbing Installations, Inspections, and Repairs

It takes a maze of pipes and plumbing for the water to come into the home and wastewater to drain away properly. If a person suspects a problem, a Mister Quik technician can inspect the plumbing system and fix an arising issue. Fixing a problem when it first starts is smart, as if the problem grows, it can cost more time and money later on.

Mister Quik’s plumbing team will perform the repairs needed. Mister Quik also offers new installations at an amazing price. Our team will work to meet both the homeowner’s budget and timeframe. Having the pipes regularly inspected is important because a clog can form and grow without the homeowner even realizing that a plumbing problem is building in their pipes.

New Installation and Repairs of Toilets and Faucets

If a toilet is malfunctioning, people typically notice right away. Signs that there may be a problem with the toilet include clogs, leaking, overflowing, inability to flush, high water levels, or low water levels. As soon as a problem is noticed, give Mister Quik a call so that the family isn’t let in a lurch and unable to flush.

Bathroom and kitchen sinks may also need to be repaired. Signs of a problem with a sink or faucet include low water pressure, discolored water coming out of the faucet, drips, slow draining, or the complete inability to drain. Those with a sink, faucet, tub, or shower problem should give Mister Quik a call. The technician will diagnose the problem and get things running smoothly again.

Installation and Repair of Water Heaters

Everyone loves a hot shower and bath, but a malfunctioning water heater can ruin that experience. If a homeowner notices a problem with their water heater, they can call Mister Quik for a quick and friendly repair. If the water heater is beyond repair, or the repair costs more than a new water heater, the technician can assist with installing a new model. Mister Quik offers extended warranties on the water heaters they sell, and options include both tank and tankless versions.

Water Filtration, Softeners, and Reverse Osmosis

Those in Beech Grove dealing with hard water may be dealing with special plumbing problems. Hard water minerals can build up in the pipes and cause clogs. These minerals are also famous for corroding pipes. Give Mister Quik a call to discuss the water filtration systems, softeners, and reverse osmosis options for those living with hard water.

Repair and Maintenance of Pipes 

Beech Grove winters are rough and can lead to frozen, cracked, and leaking pipes. Those dealing with frozen or busted pipes can count on Mister Quik to get their pipes and plumbing back to normal. Mister Quik can fix and replace pipes year-round as needed.

Well, Sewer, and Sump Pump Repair

Those with wells may find themselves in need of well repair services. Mister Quik’s technicians are trained to make well repairs as needed and repair sewage systems and sump pumps. Signs of a problem with the sewage can include obviously leaks that the homeowner can see and strange sewer smells around the home.

Clog Removal and Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are a nightmare and are not something that a homeowner should have to deal with independently. Mister Quik’s technicians can clean the drains, repair or replace drains as needed, or install new drains and pipes. Mister Quik has all the tools needed for the job, including a drain camera that can help the technician visually see clogs and problems.

Get the Job Done Right

Ready for a complete and thorough plumbing repair? Call Mister Quik Home Services for fast, friendly, and affordable service. We are a family-owned business and are standing by, ready to help you with all of your plumbing needs!