Although it may still be a little early, this time of year is a good time to start thinking about the air conditioning system in the home. It won’t be long before the temperatures start rising in Beech Grove, IN. When the days are long, hot, and humid outside, you need to be able to come home to a nice, cool, and comfortable house.

If it is time to start considering a new air conditioning system for this season, it may be a good idea to consider different types of systems. A mini-split system could provide a better option for keeping your home cool and energy efficient all summer long. Fortunately, Mister Quik offers Minisplit installation services in Beech Grove, IN.

Mini-Split Air Conditioning

There are several types of air conditioning systems that can be used in a home. Traditionally, most homes have either a central air conditioning system or several window units throughout their home. These two types have many benefits for homeowners that can meet their personal needs.

The central air conditioning unit, however, was considered the most efficient way to cool a home. Unlike window units, this system cooled the entire home with one centralized system. It provided a more even temperature throughout the home and was much easier on electric bills than the window units.

Typically, a central air conditioning system consists of two main parts. There was a unit outside the home that contained refrigerant. This refrigerant is compressed in the outside unit and then circulated to the evaporator coil. These parts wor4ked together to remove the heat and humidity from the air. This treated air is then blown through the ductwork to the entire home.

A mini-split air conditioning system is similar to the central air conditioning unit in that it has an outside unit that compresses the refrigerant for circulation. It also has indoor units to provide the cooling of the air. These indoor units, however, do not attach to ductwork in the home. These indoor units or handling units, blow the cool air directly into the room.

Without the use of traditional ductwork, each room or zone of the home will require its own handling unit to offer cooling in each section of the house. These units can be mounted to the floor or ceiling of any room. Multiple units can be attached to the same outdoor compressor unit to provide cooling to several areas of the home.

Benefits of a Mini-Split Air Conditioning System

Although central air conditioning is still often considered the standard throughout the country, a mini-split system may be a better option when planning to upgrade the home’s cooling system. Mini Split installation services in Beech Grove, IN can provide some great advantages for the entire household.  These can include:

Greater Household Comfort

Even with the most efficient central air conditioning system, there are always areas of the home that are too cold or too hot. There may even be individuals in the home that prefer things a little warmer while others like it a little cooler. The only option with central air conditioning is to try to set the thermostat to a temperature that will please everyone. Unfortunately, there is often a lot of adjusting that has to be done.

With a mini-split system, each room or zone of a house will have its own handling unit. Each of these units come with their own thermostat. This means that each area of the home can be adjusted to meet the needs of the room or the individual in that area without arguments or constant changes to the thermostat.  This can help to ensure that everyone in the home is comfortable.

Cleaner Air 

One benefit many homeowners do not consider or sometimes even realize is the better air quality that they can receive from Mini Split installation services in Beech Grove, IN. Ductwork can be a major cause of poor air quality in the home. This is due to dust, debris, mold, and allergens collecting in the ducts. When the system is turned on, all those particles are blown to every area of the house.

The mini-split system does not use ducts but does have specialized filters on each handling unit. This keeps the air cleaner and allows for a healthier environment.

Save Money

The mini-split system can also save the home’s energy usage, thus decreasing their monthly utility bills. This happens due to a couple of reasons. The biggest money-saving aspect is the fact that ductwork is not used. The ducts can lose up to 30% of the cool air as it travels through the home. This requires the system to run longer to cool the entire house.

The ability to adjust the temperature for the individual areas of the home can also help to save energy costs. Each room is cooled to a specific comfort level without loss and can reach the ideal temperature faster. This lessens the amount of time the unit is in use. These units can also be set to lower settings in areas of the home that are not being used at the time, saving even more money on energy bills.


The mini-split air conditioning system can be installed by the homeowner. These systems are relatively small and do not require connecting to ductwork. This makes installation much easier. However, there are still a lot of intricate details that must be considered that could become quite complicated for those unfamiliar with this type of work. This can lead to errors and difficulties with the installation that could potentially cause problems with the functionality of the unit.

Contacting a Professional

Without the proper experience and knowledge, it is always a good idea to contact a professional for Minisplit installation services in Beech Grove, IN. Mister Quik Home Services offer trained technicians that can professionally install these units with ease. Our team offers quality work and great customer service to ensure the installation is smooth, quick, and efficient. Call today for a quote.