Homeowners looking to save money on their energy bills need to consider duct sealing in Beech Grove. An energy-efficient system not only helps to keep energy costs under control but also benefits the environment. A person might assume having their system maintained yearly is enough to keep the system running optimally, but that isn’t the case. Although regular maintenance does help with efficiency, duct sealing benefits the homeowner as well.

Mister Quik works with customers to seal their HVAC ducts, as this process ensures hot or cold air doesn’t make its way out of the system through leaks in the ducts. The expert technicians examine the system to detect any leaks and fix them before they cause problems. Our company remains committed to outstanding customer service, and this serves as only one way in which we help clients keep their homes comfortable without costing them a fortune to do so.

The Importance of Duct Sealing

Warm and cold air make their way through the home with the help of ductwork. Without ducts, the air would never move more than a few feet beyond the unit producing the climate-controlled air. As the air makes its way through the ducts, it loses some energy. This happens naturally, but the majority of the treated air remains in the duct. It only exits the system when it comes to an open register.

Any leaks in the duct result in a loss of the heated or cooled air before it arrives at its destination. To ensure the home remains at the desired temperature, the system must work harder to account for the lost air. In addition, any leaks in the ductwork may lead to a room being warmer or colder than desired.

Homeowners find sealing the ducts eliminates these leaks and allows the heated or cooled air to go where intended. Other rooms won’t be heated or cooled unintentionally. A person might attempt to find any leaks in the system and close them off with the help of duct tape. However, finding every leak remains a challenge without special tools, ones that Mister Quik technicians have on hand with each service visit. In addition, duct tape isn’t designed for sealing ducts, which means any repair that was made will likely fail in a short period.

How Duct Sealing Works

In the past, HVAC technicians in Beech Grove used duct mastic to seal leaks in air vents. They would put a sticky, thick substance over any gaps in the ductwork and allow it to dry and harden. Today, however, Mister Quik makes use of Aeroseal, a product designed specifically for duct sealing.

The technician starts by cleaning the ducts to remove any dirt and debris. They then seal off the registers and perform a leak test to identify any areas of concern. When leaks are detected, they move forward with sealing off the system. This includes the air conditioner coils, furnace, and fans. Doing so ensures the Aeroseal doesn’t make its way into areas where it isn’t needed.

Upon completion of this step, the technician injects the Aeroseal into the ductwork and runs the system to circulate air. This helps to distribute the liquid through the ducts. As it makes its way through the system, the Aeroseal fills in any cracks and holes 5/8″ or smaller. This creates a permanent seal to prevent the loss of heated or cooled air.

The process only takes a few hours in most homes, and the technician isn’t left with much to clean once it is done. Homeowners see improvement immediately in the temperature and notice their HVAC system doesn’t work as hard to keep the residence comfortable. When the next energy bill comes, they see a noticeable difference here as well.

The Benefits of Duct Sealing in Beech Grove

Individuals want to know if the benefits of duct sealing outweigh the costs. Homeowners who choose to have this work done see improvements in many areas.

A More Comfortable Residence

Customers find they are better able to control the temperature in their homes once the ducts are sealed. They lose less treated air to the walls and ceilings. Humidity levels stabilize along with the temperature, which leads to an environment that is more comfortable in every way.

Reduced Energy Costs

Lower energy bills serve as only one cost savings associated with duct sealing in Beech Grove. Homeowners find they also save on repairs when they have this work done. The system doesn’t work as hard once the leaks are sealed, so repairs become less frequent. Furthermore, the lifespan of the HVAC system typically increases once the ducts are sealed. This allows the homeowner to save even more.

Better Air Quality

The air people breathe in their homes is often very dirty. Leaks in the ductwork allow particulates that would normally be trapped by an air filter to escape into the air. The occupants of the home then breathe them in. Duct sealing reduces the number of contaminants a person is exposed to, which improves their health.

Contact Mister Quik today to learn more about the benefits of duct sealing. Men and women who take this step are glad they did. They see noticeable improvements in the temperature of their home, their energy bills, and more. Anyone who has yet to take this step is missing out on these benefits, so make the call today. You’ll be glad you did when you reap the benefits of duct sealing.