When it comes to keeping your air conditioning unit running properly, regular maintenance is critical. Neglecting this crucial upkeep and servicing can put the entire HVAC system in your home at risk. When you need regular HVAC maintenance and upkeep services in Beech Grove, call the Mister Quik Home Services experts. We’re just a phone call away, and we have trained and certified technicians ready to perform routine maintenance and upkeep to your home’s HVAC and AC system. No matter what kind of HVAC services you need, we have the skills and equipment to handle it professionally and quickly.

Benefits of Regular System Maintenance:

Extends Lifespan and Increases Durability

An air conditioner is an investment that should generally last a decade. Correctly maintained units last even longer than that, about fifteen years. What about systems that haven’t had any maintenance? Well, they don’t last long at all. Regular maintenance keeps an AC running smoothly and efficiently, boosting performance and increasing longevity. Systems that don’t get routine maintenance can be at risk for failures and breakdowns, leading to sky-high repair bills.

Enjoy a More Reliable System

Another great benefit to regular AC system tune-ups is the increased reliability. Though the Midwest is more well-known for its harsh winters, if you live in Beech Grove, Indiana, you know how hot, humid, and unpredictable the summers can be. That’s why it’s crucial to keep up with regular system maintenance. AC’s are complicated units with many intricate parts.

Often, AC systems can accumulate grime or dust or even leak refrigerant, which is dangerous. Scheduling a regular tune-up can help keep your system running in good working order and keep you cool and comfortable on those sweltering summer days.

Improves Performance and Efficiency

When an AC system has issues, it won’t function correctly. Even if it’s just a minor issue, it can have a ripple effect, causing other parts to fail. This causes the AC unit to overcompensate and work harder to maintain the set temperature. It puts an exorbitant amount of pressure on the AC system, leading to high repair bills or an entire system replacement. Also, a system working that hard uses a ridiculous amount of energy, meaning that your utility bill will reflect how hard the system must work.

Catches Problems Before They Become Serious

Regular HVAC system maintenance has another great benefit: it catches those seemingly insignificant problems (clogged ducts, low coolant levels) before they become a major issue. When our expert technicians maintain an AC unit regularly, we can catch those issues before they turn into serious and costly repair bills. Preventative maintenance helps preserve your investment.

What to Expect During AC System Maintenance in Beech Grove, Indiana?

When you call Mister Quik for an AC system tune-up, you can expect that the technician who shows up will be friendly, respectful, and experienced. Air conditioners are elaborate machines, but the team at Mister Quik has the knowledge and skills required to maintain or repair them, no matter what the problem. Here are some of the services included in an AC tune-up, including:

Cleaning the Condenser Coils

Cleaning the coils on an AC unit’s condenser is one of the most vital maintenance services. Performing this service keeps the condenser clean and functioning efficiently and helps prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Calibrating the Thermostat

We also take the time to calibrate the thermostat. This ensures that the system readings will be correct, helping the entire HVAC system perform reliably.

Inspecting All Electrical Connections

Our technicians will inspect all the electrical components in the air conditioning unit. If there are any loose connections, they have the certifications to make the necessary adjustments. Loose electrical connections are extremely dangerous, so it’s imperative to fix them immediately.

Evaluating Coolant Levels

Another aspect of our multi-point maintenance services is evaluating the coolant levels. Running an AC unit with low levels of coolant means the entire system will not work correctly. If your system has low coolant levels, it could also be indicative of a leak.

Inspecting Every Duct

Clogged ducts can be a serious issue, especially when left unchecked. It reduces the airflow to the inside of your home and hinders the AC’s ability to cool efficiently. Clogged ducts can also put an inordinate amount of pressure on an AC system, causing it to work too hard. Cleaning ducts improves the system’s efficiency and increases its ability to cool your home.

Call the Experts at Mister Quik Home Services in Beech Grove, Indiana

While maintenance can catch many problems before they become serious, if you experience an issue with your HVAC or AC system, call us here at Mister Quik Home Services right away. We can identify the concern, so it can be fixed promptly. If you have any questions about HVAC or AC system maintenance, contact us here at Mister Quik today. We’re only a phone call away for the highest quality HVAC repair services in Beech Grove, Indiana.