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Mini-Split Installation in Avon, IN

Sweltering humidity and heat are not often thought of in places such as Avon, IN. However, residents know that because of the town’s subtropical climate, it is vital to ensure the air conditioning system is functioning at maximum efficiency when the summer season approaches. There are numerous types of air conditioning systems that homeowners can utilize. A mini-split unit is one of those options and will be discussed in detail below.

What is Mini-Split Air Conditioning?

The understanding of a central air conditioning unit must but be explained before a mini-unit can be understood. Central air conditioning is likely the most widely used and most efficient system to ensure the summer’s desired cool temperature. A central air conditioning unit is composed of 2 separate units working simultaneously. The AC unit is located outside the home, while the evaporator coil is typically located in an attic or basement. The outdoor AC unit contains a refrigerant that makes the air cool. This refrigerant is compressed and circulated to the evaporator coil inside the home. The warm outside air flows through the ductwork of the home until it reaches the evaporator coil. There the refrigerant and coil work in conjunction to remove heat and humidity from the air. Once that is complete, the air travels into the home through the ductwork and is evenly dispersed into the home in the form of cool air.

Mini-split systems are also made up of two units. As with central air units, the mini-unit system has a unit located outside, but unlike the central AC system, the indoor unit is placed in the room that is being cooled. A pipe system connects the two units and allows hot air to travel to the condenser and cooled, then return to the room by way of the air handling unit. The largest difference between the central and mini-split is the lack of ductwork. Because of the lack of ductwork, the air handling system can be mounted into the floor or ceiling. The outdoor unit can connect to multiple air handling units so that many rooms can be cooled using the same outdoor system.

Advantages of a Mini-Split System

Central air conditioning systems are considered the most popular; however, the ductless mini-split system is gaining popularity quickly. Advantages are listed below for those considering a mini-split system in Avon, IN.

  • Energy efficiency. A large amount of cool air can escape through the ductwork of a central AC unit. This is most often caused by leaks, holes, or unsecured connections in the ductwork. Mini-split systems are more energy-efficient, translating into lower utility costs.
  • Ease of Installation. When purchasing a home with existing ductwork, a central air unit is a sensible choice. Most older homes do not contain a ductwork system, and installing one can be very costly. In this instance, the mini-split system is the optimum alternative.
  • Temperature control. Lack of customization is considered one of the main downfalls of a central air conditioning system. The central AC unit cools the entirety of the home at the same temperature. The ductless system allows the owner to cool only the rooms in use and allow the rooms’ inhabitants to adjust the temperature as they see fit.
  • Improved air quality. Unfortunately, pollutants can travel through the ductwork of HVAC systems. These pollutants contain bacteria, pollen, and exhaust fumes. Mini-split units contain washable and replaceable filters so that pollutants can not reach the home.

Mini-split Installation

There are 2 options for the installation of the mini-split system. Owners can choose to do it themselves or hire a professional. There is no shortage of internet videos and instruction for installation; however, most of the time, individuals do not have the proper tools and knowledge to complete the installation. Below are a few reasons to seek the help of experts:

  • It eliminates the need to purchase tools and materials. To install the system, specific tools and materials will need to be purchased that will not need to be used for regular household maintenance. Professionals will have these things, so it eliminates the need to purchase them.
  • Saves time and stress. Professional installation will decrease the time and stress involved in the do-it-yourself project.
  • Avoids costly mistakes. When mistakes are made while performing the project, they will often incur additional costs that can be avoided by using professional services.
  • Protection from electrical mishaps. Electrical mishaps can be both costly and dangerous. Electricity can cause injury and create more problems for the house.
  • Protects warranties. Many home warranties will not cover self-repairs. Utilizing an insured technician ensures that the warranty will stay intact.

Our expert team at Mister Quik Home Services has many years of air conditioning installation experience in Avon, IN. We pride ourselves on performing exceptional customer service. Contact us today for a mini-split consultation.