Most homeowners don’t start thinking about their home heating systems until the first crisp mornings of fall roll around. At that point, they decide it’s time to admit that winter is on the way, and they turn up their thermostats for the first time in months. These dormant systems roar to life, and more often than not, homeowners are suddenly aware of the effect that those months of disuse have had on their heaters and vents only when they start to notice the smell of dust and other airborne contaminants coming out of the registers.

If there’s one time that homeowners have little choice but to think about the potential for their HVAC systems to harbor airborne contaminants, it’s now. Don’t ignore that scent. Now is a great time to take action and consider an HVAC ultraviolet light installation in Avon.

The Benefits of Installing UV Lights

Wondering if installing UV lights is really a smart idea? Given that light in the UV spectrum of wavelengths has germicidal properties, the answer is always a resounding “yes.” An HVAC UV light can make a huge difference when it comes to indoor air quality. The benefits of scheduling an ultraviolet light installation include:

Improved Health

When mold spores, bacteria, and other organic particles enter the HVAC system’s ducts and air vents, they can circulate throughout the home, where residents and guests will breathe them in. If anyone living in the home has allergies, asthma, or a compromised immune system, the health effects of poor indoor air quality will become evident immediately. Those residents will likely notice increases in their symptoms. Thankfully, UV light can kill or deactivate most bacteria, mold spores, and viruses, making it easier to protect sensitive residents’ health.

Increases in Energy Efficiency

It’s not just the home’s residents and guests who’ll benefit from UV light installation. When UV lights are installed as part of a more comprehensive filtration system, they can also improve the energy efficiency of modern HVAC units, benefiting homeowners’ wallets, as well. Improved system efficiency will also help to extend the longevity of the heating and cooling units.

Improvements in Indoor Air Quality

Installing an HVAC UV light in Avon will improve the air quality in the home, letting everyone breathe a little easier. Given that Indiana is not known for its excellent outdoor air quality, residents deserve to have a place to retreat from smog, pollen, and other airborne contaminants. Scrubbing the organic matter from the air will also help to eliminate odors, making the home smell better, too.

How to Install an HVAC UV Light System in Avon

Mister Quik Home Services makes it easy for all Avon homeowners to improve their indoor air quality and reduce the spread of mold, bacteria, and viruses. All homeowners have to do is call to schedule a consultation. A technician will arrive on the scene to perform a comprehensive indoor air quality assessment and determine whether a UV light installation could help.

The UV light will need to be integrated into the home’s existing HVAC ducts. Mister Quik has an entire team of trained and licensed HVAC technicians available to help. Once they’ve installed the new UV light, residents will be able to start breathing easier immediately.

Do UV Lights Really Work?

People have been using UV lights to kill or inactivate organic contaminants since 1903 when a Nobel Prize-winning scientist discovered that they were effective for treating many types of skin infections. Since then, they’ve been installed in hospitals, offices, grocery stores, and other public buildings for the purposes of disinfecting the air, and scientists have proven definitively that they are effective at reducing concentrations of dangerous pathogens like E. coli and the Norwalk virus.

The same systems can now be installed in any Avon home, where they work the same way to sterilize the air before it reaches living spaces. UV lights can eliminate up to 99% of organic contaminants.

Are UV Lights Safe?

Some homeowners are hesitant about installing UV lights because they believe they could be dangerous. While UV light can cause sunburns when people spend too much time outside, it won’t do any harm in this context. It will harness the same electromagnetic radiation produced by the sun’s UV rays to kill bacteria without ever exposing the home’s residents to its potentially damaging impacts.

Trust Mister Quik to Provide HVAC UV Light Installation in Avon

The experts at Mister Quik can do it all when it comes to HVAC maintenance, repairs, and alterations. Their staff is trained to provide comprehensive air quality assessments and all the services required to improve indoor air quality should the assessment turn up contaminants. Homeowners can trust this team of local experts to install their HVAC UV lights quickly and correctly.