Most Americans are spending a lot of free time at home these days. Some people work from home, and many families get together after work and school to enjoy quality time indoors. It should come as no surprise that Avon homeowners have been paying more attention than ever to indoor air quality (IAQ).

Maintaining indoor air quality is essential for promoting good health, especially when one or more of the home’s residents or frequent guests struggle with underlying health conditions. People with asthma, allergies, and immune deficiencies are more sensitive than most to the negative impacts of poor air quality, as are the elderly and infirm. That said, improving IAQ can make life more comfortable for everyone.

The first step toward improving IAQ is scheduling an air quality assessment to evaluate the extent of the problem. From there, most experts recommend installing high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. The experts at Mister Quik Home Services have tons of experience with not just air quality testing but also installing new HEPA filters in Avon and replacing them as needed.

What Are HEPA Filters?

All HVAC systems are outfitted with basic filters that help to remove particulates from the air before it enters the living spaces of modern homes. Unfortunately, not all filtration systems are created equal. Regular filters aren’t up to the task of removing significant amounts of airborne contaminants.

The difference between regular filters and HEPA filtration systems comes down to a metric known as the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). The higher a filter’s MERV, the better it is at filtering out contaminants from the air. HVAC systems come with 1″ filters that feature MERV ratings between 5 and 9. They can catch large particles such as dust and dirt but let most smaller contaminants pass right through.

HEPA filters capture up to 99.97% of all airborne particulates. Unlike regular filters, they remove pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and most viruses from the air before it enters the home. That efficiency and effectiveness are why they’re so popular in hospitals and labs. Today, though, the same advanced technology is also available to Avon homeowners.

Who Benefits the Most from HEPA Filter Installation in Avon?

Installing a HEPA filter requires altering the home’s HVAC system to accommodate these advanced filters’ larger size, so some homeowners are hesitant about making the switch. They shouldn’t be, though, since HEPA filters are proven to be much more effective than traditional alternatives. Anyone can benefit from installing a HEPA filtration system in Avon, but some households benefit more than others. More advanced filtration should be considered a must for households with:

HEPA filters can’t solve every problem, but they form an integral part of more comprehensive air purification solutions. Homeowners can trust Mister Quik with not just installing HEPA filters but also coming up with comprehensive air purification solutions.

HEPA Filter Replacements in Avon

All homeowners must change or clean their air filters at least once a month no matter what type of filtration system they use. With HEPA filtration systems, it’s even more important to stay on top of filter replacements.

HEPA filters are denser than ordinary models even when they’re clean. When they become clogged, it’s hard for air to get through and makes it more likely that airborne particulates will escape into the home’s air system. It also places extra strain on the HVAC system, reducing efficiency and expected lifespan.

To avoid excessive wear and tear and maintain optimal IAQ, homeowners should replace their filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Those who don’t feel comfortable performing this essential maintenance at home can schedule regular HEPA filter replacements with Mister Quik.

When homeowners schedule regular filter replacements, a technician will arrive at predetermined times to replace the filters so the clean, treated air can move efficiently through the home. Though it costs more to have an expert replace the filters, homeowners can still save money on their utility bills. They can also expect to pay less for repairs and HVAC unit replacements by extending the lifespan of their heating and cooling systems.

Trust Mister Quik for Local, Reliable Service

Want to make the switch to an advanced HEPA filtration system? It’s time to call the pros at Mister Quik Home Services to schedule an installation. A technician will arrive to perform an air quality assessment and install the new filtration system, then discuss options with homeowners for ongoing maintenance and HEPA filter replacements so they can keep breathing easy.