You may not give much thought to your furnace during the summer months. After all, that’s when your air conditioning system takes over to keep your home cool and control indoor humidity levels. All it takes is that first cold snap of fall to remind you of just how helpful a working furnace can be, though. Unfortunately, many homeowners turn on their furnaces when the temperatures start to drop only to discover that they’re no longer working. If you find yourself faced with this unpleasant surprise, it may be time to replace your malfunctioning furnace with a new model.

Your Local Furnace Installation Experts

Here at Mister Quik, we’re the furnace contractors Avon residents turn to for all their home heating needs. We have the area’s most qualified and knowledgeable HVAC technicians on our team, and each one has ample experience in the field. We’re committed to keeping our friends and neighbors warm and comfortable during Avon’s cold winters, and no other company in the area cares more about your satisfaction. If you think the time has come to get rid of your old furnace, contact us to schedule a consultation or furnace installation appointment.

How Do I Know If I Need a New Furnace?

Sometimes, it’s not easy to tell whether you need a new furnace or simply having your old one repaired would suffice. Repairs are certainly the more affordable and practical solution in many cases. Still, in some instances, having a new furnace installed can save a great deal of money from the long-term perspective. If you’ve reached a point where your furnace costs more to repair each year than purchasing a new unit would, it’s certainly time to get rid of the old one. In the event your existing heating system is over ten years old, having a new furnace installed would certainly be a good idea.

Certain other warning signs can let you know that your existing furnace is on its last leg as well. If your monthly heating bills have gone through the roof and a furnace tune-up hasn’t helped to combat the issue, you may want to consider updating your heating system. Furnaces that seem to run constantly without effectively providing heat shouldn’t be held onto any longer, either. Visual signs of rust and other types of damage on your heating unit are indications that it’s for a new one as well. Those are only a few of the most common signs that your furnace isn’t going to hold out for much longer.

Choosing the Right Furnace for Your Home

Numerous furnace brands and models are on the market. On top of that, there are several sizes of units to choose from. Deciding which one would be best for your home isn’t easy by any means. It’s not always a good idea to go with the cheapest option, but buying the most expensive one isn’t possible for everyone, either. Many people are inclined to purchase a bigger unit than what they need, but doing so could detract from your home’s comfort levels and drive up your heating costs. Of course, getting a furnace that’s too small for your home will have the same consequences.

Our technicians can help you choose the right furnace to suit your needs. Thanks to our experience and ongoing training, we know all about the latest models, and we know exactly which factors to consider when choosing the right one for a specific home. We’re available to help our clients find a furnace that’ll suit their needs perfectly. From there, we’ll provide expert furnace installation services to ensure it works right from the beginning. We also offer annual maintenance services and furnace repairs to keep those new furnaces working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Avon’s Leading Furnace Installation Team

Mister Quik is Avon’s leading furnace contractor, and we’re happy to be of service to our local friends and neighbors. If you think the time has come to upgrade to a new home heating system, we’re here to make it happen. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your furnace to determine whether it needs to be replaced. If it does, we’ll help you find the right new furnace for your home. We also provide free furnace installation estimates to give you an idea of how much your new heating system’s installation will cost. When you’re ready to get the process started, we’ll install your furnace for you as well.

If your furnace isn’t living up to your family’s expectations, all you have to do to remedy the situation is contact us. Call us or fill out the form on our website to schedule a consultation or furnace installation appointment. You’ll see for yourself why so many of your neighbors choose us to handle their home heating needs.