Homeowners rely on their HVAC systems to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Those systems include more than just heating and cooling units. They also feature ductwork that brings the treated air from the furnace or air conditioner to the living areas of the home. If the ductwork is filled with leaks, the system won’t be able to function efficiently. There’s a simple solution, though: duct sealing.

In Avon, Mister Quik Home Services’ expert technicians will detect and resolve every leak to ensure that the ducts aren’t losing any air. The results will help both homeowners’ wallets and the environment since less air loss means lower electrical draw, and that translates to lower monthly bills and a decreased carbon footprint.

Why Seal the Ducts?

A home’s air ducts transport the hot or cold air produced by the home’s furnace or AC unit throughout the house to maintain comfortable temperatures no matter how frightful the weather is outside. As air travels through properly functioning ducts, some amount of heat transfer occurs through their walls. However, the air remains inside the duct and only exits when it reaches air registers.

When the ductwork develops leaks, the air can get out before its intended destination. Depending on where the ducts are installed, it could leak into uninhabited areas like attics and crawl spaces, or it could route too much air into certain rooms of the home. Either way, some rooms will be cooler or warmer than residents would like and the HVAC system will have to work harder than usual to maintain optimal temperatures.

Sealing the ducts eliminates all the leaks to ensure that the warm or cool air gets to where it’s needed the most. Once the process is completed, residents will notice less unwanted temperature variation and lower monthly bills. Duct sealing is a complex process. Homeowners need to call Mister Quik for a full inspection and duct sealing in Avon.

How It’s Done

Early HVAC technicians used a product called duct mastic to seal individual gaps. This sticky substance was applied over each crack or hole and left to dry, at which point it hardened into an impermeable barrier. This older method works but is less efficient since it easy to miss some cracks. Mister Quik uses a more advanced product called Aeroseal to eliminate 100% of the leaks.

The duct sealing process begins with a call to Mister Quik to schedule an appointment. A technician will arrive on time with everything required to identify and resolve leaks. The technician will start by cleaning the ducts to ensure full adhesion. If the technician confirms the presence of leaks, the next step will be to seal off the fans, coils, and furnace. Once these sensitive areas are sealed off, a technician will inject the Aeroseal into the ductwork and circulate air through it to distribute the liquid evenly throughout it. The Aeroseal will collect in holes and cracks, where it will fill in gaps up to ⅝” wide and create a permanent seal.

The process of professional duct sealing in Avon may sound complicated, but it only takes trained technicians a few hours to complete, and there’s next to no cleanup required afterward. Once the ducts are sealed, homeowners and their families should notice immediate improvements in their comfort and their HVAC systems’ efficiency.

Benefits of Duct Sealing in Avon

Some homeowners assume it won’t be worth the expense and hassle of having their ducts sealed and opt to just live with sub-par heating and cooling, but that’s a mistake. Duct sealing in Avon is surprisingly affordable, and it comes with many benefits.

Increased Comfort:

Sealing the ducts allows residents to better control the air temperature and humidity in their homes. Instead of worrying about unwanted temperature gradations, residents can set the thermostat, then expect the HVAC system to quickly and efficiently restore the desired temperatures.

Cost Savings:

Sealing the ducts won’t just save homeowners money on monthly bills. It will also reduce wear and tear on the HVAC equipment, reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Improved Air Quality (IAQ):

Duct sealing in Avon can also improve IAQ. Preventing unwanted air transfer also stops dust, allergens, and other particulates from entering and leaving the ductwork.

Ready to schedule duct sealing in Avon? Mister Quik Home Services can help, so give them a call today.