When it comes to laundry, most people focus on getting the clothes cleaned, dried, and put away. Most people never think about their dryer vent, but they should. A clogged dryer vent can make the dryer less efficient, make it run hot, and even end up causing a dryer-related fire.

Those who have not had their dryer vent cleaned in the past year should look into this important home service. Mister Quik Home Services has a team of insured, well-trained, experienced technicians that specialize in cleaning dryer vents. Rather than go through the hassle and headache of trying to tackle this chore alone, give Mister Quik a call.

Dryer Vents Need Annual Cleanings

Most people are unaware, but their dryer vent needs to be professionally cleaned at least once a year. This is true even for those who rarely use the dryer. Those who are constantly doing laundry, such as those with a household of kiddos, may need to have their dryer vent cleaned and services more frequently than once a year.

There are signs that a dryer vent needs good cleaning. These signs include the clothes taking longer to dry than normal, the clothes coming out of the dryer hotter than they should be, the top of the dryer becoming too hot, and the exterior dryer vent valve not opening all of the way. If someone notices these signs, they need to call Mister Quik right away. Ignoring an issue can mean the dryer clog gets worse or that the machine ends up catching on fire.

The Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

Everyone knows that they should clean the dryer vent with every load. This is important as it helps prevent a clog. The lent can also collect against the dryer vent walls and cause problems. 

One may assume that they can clean the dryer vent and any clogs on their own. This is not the case, as a homeowner can only reach so far into the vent. Mister Quik’s technicians have the tools needed to clean the entire length of the duct. They will also remove anything built-up on the vent and duct walls. 

How does the technician do this? Mister Quik’s technicians have rotating brushes and a vacuum that reaches all the way through the vent to the machine. The entire duct gets clean. The technician can also use a digital airflow meter to ensure that the entire duct has been cleaned.

Why is having a clean dryer vent important? A scary fact is that over 15,000 dryer-related fires happen every year. It’s the dirty, clogged dryer vents causing the problems and leading to dryer fires.

A Clean Dryer Comes with Benefits

On top of clean dryers being safer to use, they come with some other benefits listed below. Read on to find out the benefits of having Mister Quik clean the dryer vent. Mister Quik services homeowners and their dryers in and around the Avon, Indiana area.

The Cleaner the Dryer the Better it Performs

A dryer with a dirty vent has to work harder to dry the clothes. An overworked dryer is not very efficient. The cleaner the dryer is, the better it performs. It is much more convenient to have a dryer that is working properly and dries the clothes in less time.

Cleaner Dryers Save Money

A dirty dryer that has to run longer to dry the clothes is using more electricity. Save money by making sure the dryer vent is clean. Over a year, those electricity savings add up.

Cleaner Dryers Break Less Often

If the dryer is clean and working properly, it is less likely to break. Dryers with clogged, dirty vents have to run longer and harder to get the job done. This means that the dryer may have to be repaired more often, as it is being worked harder.

Cleaner Dryers Last Longer

A dryer that has a clean vent will typically last longer than a dryer that has had to run with a clogged vent. Dryers only last so long, but add in overuse from a clogged vent, and the lifespan of a dryer can drastically shorten. Those who want their dryer to last longer should make sure to have the vent cleaned annually.

Mister Quik is a Company You Can Trust

All Mister Quik technicians have been background checks and are thoroughly trained. Mister Quik Home Services is a family-owned business that really cares for its customers. Ready to have your vent cleaned by a company you can trust? Give Mister Quik a call today!