Have you noticed that the temperatures and humidity levels in your home just aren’t staying as comfortable and consistent as you’d like? If you’re like many Avon homeowners in such a situation, you’re probably quick to place the blame on your HVAC system. Though malfunctioning heaters and air conditioners can certainly lead to problems like this, they’re not always the culprits. Your home’s insulation may be responsible for the uncomfortable heat or cold in your home. Here at Mister Quik Home Services, we can help determine just where the problem is coming from and resolve it for you.

Your Blown Insulation Service Team

Insulation is a key component of your home, but it’s one of the aspects far too many homeowners overlook. Without adequate insulation, your heating and air conditioning systems will have to work overtime to keep your home comfortable. Even then, all the warm and cold air they produce will simply escape through the walls, floors, and ceilings. As Avon’s leading blown insulation experts, we can take care of heat transfer, so your home will be more comfortable and your utility bills will return to more manageable levels. Contact us to schedule an insulation installation appointment today.

How Does Blown Insulation Work?

As the name indicates, blown-in insulation is placed in a specially designed machine and blown into the attic of your home. Unlike standard rolls or sheets of insulation, it’s not cut to fit in the allotted spaces. Instead, it fills all the nooks and crannies through which air and the elements could seep into your home. Blown insulation provides better coverage than certain other options, and it can be a more effective barrier against heat transfer.

What Is Blown-in Insulation Made of?

Different types of blown-in insulation are available. Some of the most common are rock wool and cellulose. Some companies have even experimented with other types of materials, such as cotton and shredded newspaper. Like many blown insulation experts, we’ve found that the most effective option is loose-fill fiberglass. It stands out from other materials for many reasons.

What Are the Benefits of Blown-in Fiberglass Insulation?

Loose-fill fiberglass insulation offers several benefits when compared to other options. It’s light and airy, so it won’t weigh down your ceilings or get overly packed as some materials can. It’s fire-resistant and a bit less expensive than some other blown-in materials. Additionally, it can fill all the gaps and cracks left behind by other types of insulation. That means it’ll keep your heat and air conditioning inside more effectively.

Fiberglass blown-in insulation can be used as a standalone barrier against heat transfer or added to other types of insulation for even more protection against the elements. That means you can use it in virtually any type of home. Whether you’re having a new home built or looking to supplement the insulation in an older home, blown-in loose-fill fiberglass could be the perfect solution.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Loose-Fill Fiberglass?

Though blown insulation offers numerous advantages, it has a few downsides as well. It has to be installed professionally. Otherwise, it can be a messy and potentially dangerous process. Of course, our blown insulation experts are highly trained and experienced in installing it safely and properly. It’s also prone to mold growth and other moisture-related issues. Our experts understand the value of sealing any potential entry points for excess moisture before installing your loose-fill fiberglass insulation. If it happens to get wet after the fact, we’ll gladly resolve the problem.

Safeguarding Your Home Against the Elements

Insulation is just as important as all the other systems and components of your home. It can protect the components and systems in your home, allow them to work more effectively and efficiently, and make them last much longer than they would if they were completely exposed to the elements. Still, not all insulation is created equally. Blown-in insulation is a highly effective alternative to other options, and loose-fill fiberglass is the best type of insulation in this category.

Blown insulation brings you numerous benefits, not the least of which are effectiveness, efficiency, greater coverage, and lower cost. When you have it installed by blown insulation experts like us, you’ll be able to make the most of all those advantages. If you’re looking to add insulation to your home, we’re here to help. Call us or fill out the form on our website to schedule a consultation or installation appointment to get your home’s insulation up to par.