Homeowners seek advice from AC professionals when their systems are not performing as expected. As issues emerge, the property owner will set up inspections to find the source of each problem. AC professionals have HVAC training for a variety of AC systems and know-how to troubleshoot common problems.

When considering an AC replacement, the technicians assess the unit and determine if it is possible to repair it first. They provide the most cost-effective solution for the homeowner and help them find a great system if a replacement is the best choice.

A Complete Inspection of the Existing System

The AC technicians conduct a complete inspection of the existing system and report their findings to the homeowner. They identify all problems that require repairs and give the homeowner a complete estimate for the required services. It is recommended that all homeowners schedule an inspection before the beginning of summer to find problems ahead of time. It could prevent them from facing service disruptions during extreme temperatures.

Comparing the Cost of Repairs and a Total Replacement

Homeowners who need several repairs compare the cost of these repairs to the price of a brand-new air conditioning unit. If the repair costs are more than or close to the price of a new unit, it is not feasible to schedule the repairs. Under the circumstances, the property owner saves more money by choosing the AC replacement over the repairs. AC technicians provide complete estimates for all AC systems of interest and help the homeowner choose a new unit.

What Type of AC System is Best?

Homeowners decide what type of AC they want according to the heating unit they use currently. For example, if they have a central unit installed, the homeowner is more likely to replace the AC with a new central air conditioning unit instead of installing a brand-new cooling and heating unit.

However, homeowners with smaller properties may choose window units. When comparing each AC system, it is necessary to consider how well it will cool the property and select the correct size. The technicians calculate the area of each living space and the square footage of the property to arrive at the correct unit size for the home.

How Is the Proper Size Calculated?

To find the correct AC size for the unit, the technician calculates the area of each living space. The area of each living space is multiplied by 25 BTUs. The technicians calculate the total BTUs according to the area of all living spaces and the square footage of the home.

The new air conditioning unit must be large enough to produce enough air for the entire property. A general rule of thumb is that if it is too small it will not cool the entire home, and if it is too large for the property, it just increases energy costs unnecessarily.

Should You Replace the Thermostat?

Homeowners are not required to replace the thermostat when installing a new air conditioning unit. However, if the thermostat is not gauging the room temperature correctly, it will not engage the cooling and heating systems properly. More frequent cycling increases energy consumption and costs, and it is unnecessary to heat or cool the property.

A programmable thermostat gives the homeowner more benefits overall. They can adjust the thermostat to run the AC at higher temperatures when they aren’t home and lower temperatures when they are home. They adjust these settings through a smart home connection remotely, too.

Where to Get Replacement Services

Mister Quik Home Services has a long history of superior HVAC services for all property owners. The service provider completes inspections, maintenance, repairs, and complete installation services. They address all questions and concerns for their customers promptly and courteously. Property owners can learn more about AC Replacement in Avon, Indiana by contacting the service provider and setting up an appointment now.

Homeowners turn to AC professionals when their units are not performing as expected. They conduct complete inspections of the AC systems and troubleshoot prevailing problems. The technicians may recommend a replacement if the unit is at least fifteen years old, and the homeowner will get a brand-new system with a manufacturer’s warranty.

When reviewing new systems, homeowners must consider the energy efficiency, the size, and the total cost. More specialized units may offer zoned cooling that allows the property owner to redirect cool air into different living spaces to meet their needs. Property owners can learn more about replacing their AC systems by contacting their preferred service provider now.