Homeowners in Avon know when their air conditioners break down. What many people don’t realize is that there are usually warning signs that appear well before catastrophic AC failures. Don’t wait until the AC unit stops working completely and the home’s residents are left sweltering in the heat. Instead, pay attention to the warning signs and call Mister Quik for AC repair in Avon as soon as they arise.

Mister Quik can provide fast relief for families struggling to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures during the warmest days of summer, but only if homeowners pay enough attention to know when there’s something wrong with the AC unit. Find out about some of the most common signs it’s time for AC repair in Avon below and don’t ignore them. It’s more affordable to address minor issues as they arise than it is to wait until they turn into serious HVAC emergencies.

The most obvious sign that something is wrong with an AC system is warm air coming from the registers. Check to make sure the thermostat is set low enough to combat the heat outside. If it’s in cooling mode and is set to a sufficiently low temperature, but the air coming from the registers is still warmer than it should be, it’s time to call the HVAC experts at Mister Quik.

There are several underlying problems that can cause AC units not to cool the air enough. Problems with the compressor are very common, as are refrigerant leaks. AC units are complex machines, so homeowners shouldn’t try to diagnose these issues themselves. They should call an expert to schedule an inspection and repairs.

Even fully operational AC units aren’t completely silent. Most residents just get used to the small amount of ambient noise. If one or more residents start noticing unusual noises beyond what they expect from their air conditioners, something could be seriously wrong.

Most banging, rattling, and buzzing noises are caused by loose components. The system may still be producing cool air, but it will have to work harder than usual to do so to compensate for the loose parts and lost efficiency. The best way to avoid further damage is to turn the AC unit off and call Mister Quik to schedule an inspection and tune-up. Tightening the loose components may be enough to resolve the problem before it gets any worse.

While some amount of sound is normal when air conditioners are working as intended, no amount of unusual odors should be ignored. More often than not, those unpleasant scents aren’t coming from the AC unit itself, but the home’s ductwork. Call Mister Quik to schedule an inspection and a thorough duct cleaning to get rid of dust and organic debris. The same technician should be able to provide both these essential services at the same visit.

There are two kinds of leaks that can occur with modern air conditioners: water leaks and refrigerant leaks. What both of them have in common is that they are indications that the unit isn’t working as intended and is in need of AC repair in Avon. Don’t assume that water leaks are less serious. They can still cause significant problems, from mold growth to structural damage, if left unaddressed.

Air conditioners don’t just keep the air cool. They also remove humidity. If the house is cool, but it still feels like a swamp, it might be time to call a technician to have the AC unit recalibrated. A well-functioning air conditioner will keep the air dry.

It’s normal for air conditioners to turn on and off to regulate temperatures precisely. On the hottest days of summer, they’ll do it pretty often. However, the unit shouldn’t be cycling constantly. If it seems like the air conditioner is cycling too often, call a technician for a tune-up.

Low airflow is usually a result of blockages in the air ducts, clogged filters, or damaged AC motors. The experts at Mister Quik are equipped to resolve all of these problems and more.

Not sure if it’s worth repairing an aging AC unit? If it’s more than 10 years old, chances are, it’s not. That said, buying a new AC unit requires a substantial investment, so it’s always wise to seek a second opinion before making a final decision. Homeowners can trust Mister Quik’s technicians to provide their honest, objective opinions about whether it will be more cost-effective to repair the existing unit or replace it with a newer model.

Mister Quik handles everything from minor repairs and duct cleaning to full AC upgrades and replacements. Give them a call to discuss options today.