Today’s home HVAC and plumbing systems are more efficient than ever before, but even the best air conditioners, furnaces, and plumbing systems can develop problems without warning. Systems work together to create a comfortable home, and just one thing breaking down can lead to stress, discomfort, and inconvenience.

The team at Mister Quik Home Services has years of experience with all home systems, and we understand how difficult it can be to keep them running well. That is why we offer a wide range of services to the residents of Avon and surrounding areas. Our friendly technicians are committed to providing fast, efficient assistance anytime a customer calls.

Wondering if Mister Quik Home Services can help you? Our technicians have training and experience in a range of specialties, so you are certain to find what you need among our array of home services.

Air Conditioning Services

Indiana summer weather can be hot and unpredictable, which means keeping a home comfortable is a challenge. The staff at Mister Quik Home Services understands exactly what residents are going through, so they offer all the air conditioning services needed to keep homes cool and pleasant in the hottest weather.

Most air conditioners today are complex, so it is common for systems to develop problems that homeowners do not know how to fix. No problem. Our technicians have had experience repairing all types of AC issues. They will carefully inspect your unit, evaluate any problems, and provide a detailed explanation, including a breakdown of all needed repairs or replacements. All of our repairs include a five-year warranty for customers who sign up for our SHAPE maintenance program. The plan ensures high-quality, lasting repairs.

If we cannot repair your AC or you want to upgrade, we provide same-day replacement service. Technicians can even recycle the old equipment. We hold your equipment for several days before recycling it to make sure you are happy with the new air conditioner.

Furnace Services

Furnaces must be in good condition before cold Indiana winters set in because heating systems are complicated to work on without special training. Unfortunately, when they break down, it is often during the coldest times, when units are working the hardest. The best way to prevent heating emergencies is to keep equipment in good working order, and Mister Quik Home Services experts provide regular tune-ups that do just that. Routine tune-ups help prevent unexpected, dangerous equipment failures. They also improve efficiency, which helps keep energy bills from soaring.

During maintenance visits, technicians perform a 20-point tune-up checklist. Our professionals are serious about heating systems’ health and are careful to ensure they inspect and evaluate all potential trouble spots.

Indoor Air Quality Services

The quality of your home’s indoor air probably isn’t something you think about, but it is crucial and has a major impact on your family’s health and comfort. Various factors affect indoor air quality, but it takes specially trained experts to identify them. Mister Quik Home Services technicians can provide complete air quality checks to Avon residents.

Our experts not only evaluate and identify indoor air quality problems, but they can also provide custom solutions. For instance, specialists might recommend options like UV lights or humidifiers. The tools they provide dramatically reduce bacteria and help control humidity, making homes healthier and more comfortable throughout the year.

Electrical Services

It is dangerous for an untrained person to work on home electrical systems, but skilled technicians can tackle any project safely. Mister Quik Home Services’ team of friendly electricians will quickly and accurately diagnose electrical problems, efficiently make repairs, and work within homeowners’ schedules.

Home electrical systems are made up of elements that can include an electrical panel, breakers, and generators. These are just some of the areas that may develop problems at any time. For example, Indiana storms often cause serious emergency electrical issues. Regardless of the problems, our experienced team can diagnose them and provide long-lasting solutions in a reasonable timeframe.

Plumbing Services

Nothing can bring a home to a standstill like a plumbing problem. As a result, Mister Quick Home Services offers fast help for emergencies such as a malfunctioning water heater, clogged drain, or a sump pump that doesn’t work. No matter what the difficulty, our well-trained technicians can provide a quick solution that gets your household up and running again.

We understand that fixing plumbing problems is not like many other household repairs that can be put off. As a result, our plumbers efficiently provide solutions for even the most serious problems.

For All Your Home’s Needs

It is essential to have a team of trustworthy professionals who can maintain, repair, or replace your most critical home systems. To learn more about the ways Mister Quick Home Services can keep your home systems safe, efficient, and in good repair, call us today!