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Tag: home improvement

10 Benefits of Our Maintenance Plan

Maintenance plans are like purchasing an insurance policy for your home—you’d prefer not to spend the money, but you sure are happy when all the systems in your home are running smoothly. At Mister Quik, we recommend our SHAPE maintenance program for all of our customers—and the majority of them usually decide to sign on. […]

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Why Should I Get An AC Tune-Up?

If you want to stay relaxed and cool in your home this summer without worrying about your energy bills going through the roof, keeping your air conditioning unit tuned up is a good place to start. A checkup for your home’s A/C system can extend its life by several years, as well as save you […]

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Whole Home Humidifiers vs. Store Bought

My wife and I frequently visit the local Bed, Bath, and Beyond store that is near our home. I’ve always noticed their small humidifier section as you enter the store, but have never thought much about it until this past weekend. The reason I’ve never thought much about it is because I have a whole […]

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Whole House Humidifier and What I Learned

I grew up in a home without air conditioning and our means of heat were those long metal strips that go on the floor called baseboard heaters. Coming from that you can understand why I had no idea of what a humidifier did to a home. After my first winter with one I completely understand […]

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