Duct Cleaning

Air DuctsFirst, things first… You’re on our duct cleaning page for a reason, more than likely it relates to some bad news. The Bad News: Something funky is going on with your inside air. This could be anything from higher energy bills or no heat/AC! You’re in luck, because Mister Quik is in the business of good news! The Good News: We can fix it!

We like to do duct cleanings because they benefit our customers in many ways. Our duct cleanings:

  • Kill germs and bacteria
  • Improve your systems efficiency
  • Remove dust in your home
  • Remove stale smells in your home, making it smell clean and fresh
  • Recommended by doctors and allergists

Our plan for bringing you good news!

Step 1 – We Prepare

  • To protect your clean floors, the technician will put down some tape and/or a protective tarp
  • To clean your home’s vents, the technician will seal the return and supply vents. They do this so we keep all the dust and none gets out to the rest of the home
  • The final prep step is attaching our dirt obliterating machine to the duct. This machine sucks out all the dust and grime that is trapped in your vents.

Step 2 – We Clean

  • The dirt that is stuck to your duct will be blown off with air pressure that the technicians send through the duct.
  • For tough, stuck on dirt, the technician uses special attachments for the best cleaning.
The WhipThe whip Most commonly used attachment Air flows all the way through the wire-like attachment safely knocks off the stuck-on debris without damaging your air ducts The Brush The Brush The bristles on this attachment scrub off the tough debris. Not many all homes require the use of this tool, but Mister Quik is prepared if your ducts have stubborn dirt that just won’t leave.  

Step 3 – We Leave

  • At the end of your appointment, the technician replaces the registers to your vents and cleans up his work area.
  • Your home will be cleaner than before the Mister Quick technician arrived!
Before Mister Quik After Mister Quik
Beforeone afterone
dirty clean
vent ventc

Step 4 – We Call

  • After your appointment, our friendly customer service representatives will follow up with you to make sure the technician did a good job. Here’s the part when you shower us with compliments or let us know how to improve!

Step 5 – We Recommend

Cleaning your air ducts is recommended one time every year, but if you REALLY want to save money in the long run, then we suggest:
  • Upgrading to a high efficiency filtration system
  • Changing the filters that your system uses on a regular basis
Contact Mister Quik today to schedule an air duct cleaning in your home.