There are 7 Differences! Can You Find Them?

We’ll let you in on a little secret: A part of the reason why we’re so QUIK is because we’re looking for parts and tools in organized trucks! One of our techs is looking for a tool for a job, but you should be looking for the differences between the two pictures!

We’ve made a few changes between the two pictures for a fun little game. Can you find the 7 differences between the pictures? Check out the answer key at the bottom of the page to see how many you could find!

Find the Difference Game

Answer Key

Differences in Picture #2:

  1. A corner of a box has been removed from the bottom left of the picture
  2. The bolts on the truck have been removed
  3. A Mister Quik logo has been added to the organizing container
  4. The white label paper has been changed to pink
  5. A screwdriver has been added to the tool bag
  6. The technician’s shirt has been changed from red to yellow
  7. A Mister Quik logo has been added to the back door of the truck

Were you able to find all the differences without cheating? Thanks for playing! Click here to play another “Spot the Difference.”

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