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10 Benefits of Our Maintenance Plan

Maintenance plans are like purchasing an insurance policy for your home—you’d prefer not to spend the money, but you sure are happy when all the systems in your home are running smoothly.

At Mister Quik, we recommend our SHAPE maintenance program for all of our customers—and the majority of them usually decide to sign on. The SHAPE acronym covers service for all your major systems: heating, air conditioning, and plumbing. Here is a top 10 list of the benefits of SHAPE, which illustrates the tremendous advantages these types of plans can provide:

1. Service Discounts

We offer our maintenance customers a 10% discount on repairs and 5% off installations

2. Faster Service

Customers with maintenance plans receive priority service on emergency calls

3. Greater Control

A maintenance program keeps you in control by helping prevent sudden emergencies that can interfere with your schedule or plans

4. Extended Part Life

With a maintenance plan, technicians are more likely to catch problems with individual parts before they cause major damage to your system.

5. Health Benefits

Regular filter changes, duct inspections, and air purification options can help prevent allergies and sinus infections.

6. Long-Term Savings

Preventative care can keep all systems running at maximum efficiency, help anticipate outages, and prevent cost related sudden emergency problems.

7. Warranty Coverage

Neglecting service for any length of time can void your warranty; a maintenance program can help keep your warranty intact.

8. Special Perks

You never know what little bonuses may come your way. On the Mister Quik SHAPE Program, the cost of the initial service call is waived when you sign on.

9. Low Cost

The amount you need to pay to ensure your systems are working well is not that high compared to the cost of a replacement or other home maintenance items.

1o. Peace of Mind

It’s certainly worth something to have the security of knowing that your systems are being cared for properly.


To learn more about how you can sign up for a SHAPE Maintenance Program with Mister Quik, call us at (317) 762-6489